Zynaptiq – UNFILTER, UNVEIL, PITCHMAP VST x64 x86 For Mac

Zynaptiq – UNFILTER, UNVEIL, PITCHMAP VST x64 x86 For Mac 2023

Zynaptiq – UNFILTER, UNVEIL, PITCHMAP VST x64 x86 (Win + Mac) 2023

Zynaptiq suggests that it’s a plugin that you’ll need to use for everything you do, from individual device channels to buses and the full mix, as it simply makes things look better. Well, is not it?


Zynaptiq – UNFILTER, UNVEIL, PITCHMAP VST x64 x86 For Mac

UNVEIL: Award-winning Echo Removal and Signal Focus

UNVEIL solves an issue that was previously thought to be unsolvable: removing the echo from the recording. It uses a real-time mixing algorithm to separate the echo frequency and direct signal components and then allow fading between the two. UNVEIL can also reduce or increase masking effects, bring key recording features to focus, or move them to the background. UNVEIL fixes previously unused voice and dialogue, tightening live music recordings, removing echo and mud from musical cues, and opening new options for creative sound design. in real-time and with minimal effort.

  • Dilutes or enhances the frequency in mixed recording
  • Leaves the signal phase and dynamics the same
  • Enhances clarity by reducing masking effects
  • Supports the number of channels from mono to the largest possible number of your CPU
  • Transient overriding circuit for normal results even with extreme settings

Zynaptiq – UNFILTER, UNVEIL, PITCHMAP VST x64 x86 For Mac

UNFILTER: adaptive circumferential linear tone

Whether you’re in music production, movie publishing, game sound, broadcasting, sound design, forensic engineering, or engineering – UNFILTER makes equation tasks time-consuming and almost impossible like setting one control.

  • Automatic detection and removal of resonance, equation, rolling, and comb filtering from recordings.
  • Export or import candidate responses from linear or minimal pulsed response files (WAV).
  • Apply measured filter responses to other signals.
  • Adaptive degree mastery, free form, and graphical formula plus 96 dB / oct HPF.
  • Highly efficient workflow and user interface.

UNCHIRP: Remove Artifact from Codec and Transient Recovery

UNCHIRP is a plug-in to remove the most hateful elements associated with lossy audio coding and other FFT-based operations, such as spectral noise removal. Reduce musical noise, suppress high-frequency chirping (also known as underwater sound, noise, or tweets), fix crossover, and recover lost high frequencies – UNCHIRP does it all at once. If you need to save poorly encoded music, speech that has gone through a low-bit low correlation, or a very loud noise-eliminating material, or footage recorded with consumer mobile devices – or if you simply want to add contour and liveliness to Really great audio recordings – UNCHIRP is your (only) friend.

  • Suppressing high-frequency artifacts.
  • Reducing artifacts “musical noise”.
  • Transient synthesis to increase or replace stained transient, very limited, or penetrating.
  • Psychologically improved triple audio circuit with boost and excitement modes.
  • Frequency-dependent Break-Point curve processing.
  • Setting the side algorithm only to work with common stereo-encoded materials.
  • HD algorithm mode for increased processing quality with increased CPU load (Offline processing recommended).
  • SYNC parameter allows synchronization of processing with transient signals to increase clarity.
  • Output limiter for uncensored use in batch processing applications.
  • Highly efficient workflow and user interface.

Zynaptiq – UNFILTER, UNVEIL, PITCHMAP VST x64 x86 For Mac

PITCHMAP: Rewrite mixed music in real-time

PITCHMAP is a dream come true for sound designers, music producers, remixers, DJs, and composers. Change the harmony and melodies within a tone, mix, sample, or loop on the fly by simply playing new tones via MIDI, or setting a target network using GUI controls. Since PITCHMAP is completely geared towards real-time interaction and easy access, you’ll never roam rather than create new, brutal sounds. Keep creative flow, and turn it into an unstoppable flood. Create the music with your hands, or bend it to the max, the choice is yours. Go wild. Go MAP those pitches!

  • Composers can compose various harmonies for their works in an immediate, hassle-free, and inspiring manner
  • Music producers who deal with material that has been sampled can modify this material to suit their song instead of the other way around
  • Music curators can adjust their song key/metric to suit a seamless set
  • Sound designers get a host of unique new ways to create sounds that make existing movies and games so immersive
  • Mash-Up and Re-Mixers now spend minutes instead of hours (or days) adapting the components they use to fit each other
  • Engineers can correct the inaccuracy of tuning in mixed records
  • Create quick song/score prototypes with existing recordings that can be transformed into a new, fast thing
  • Funnel mixture item under MIDI control
  • Create unique synthesizer sounds based on direct input
  • Create instant remixes and professional accompanying tracks straight from your favorite songs or playlist
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